Online Shopping Safety Tips For A Safe And Fun Online Shopping.


Online shopping is now the world’s new mall. Aside from it being as easy as watching your favorite TV show, many have fallen in love with this method because of its offer of versatility.


Before purchasing online, it is important to protect yourself. From having the latest virus updates to checking out seller's legitimacy, here are some pointers to help you prevent getting scammed and end up as one satisfied shopper.


In case there is a physical home address or phone number on the site, get in touch with the company to determine if the shop really exists. If the client simply has a virtual store, at that point a good means to determine is to check out reviews from previous clients.


Personal Information

Many e-commerce websites offer two choices for customers to checkout - log in as existing customer or check out as a guest. In case you are a regular customer, you can create a profile containing just the basic details that you think is required to complete the transaction. This would include your name, phone number and shipping address.


If you want to check out as a guest, your personal information are requested, however, these information are not saved in the store's customer database. Understanding how the information is gathered by the site is also important.


Payment Method

As much as possible, stay away from adding your credit card or debit card permanently to the site. Even though some sites have the latest security protection, the probability of the site being hacked is just that - constantly a possibility. You can remove your payment method right after you are done shopping. If you are uncomfortable using your credit card, there are other means of payment that you can get of.


Some sites enable the use of gift cards, debit cards or even by means of online payment platforms such as PayPal. Bitcoins, which is a virtual currency, can also be used as mode of payment. Regardless of what option you opt for, always remember to log off and clean your history to make sure that cookies are not stored in your computer.


Paper Trails

E-mail or electronic document is currently the preferred way of communication; not only is it environmentally friendly, it will also help you to prevent adding extra to your mess. If you get paper documents or receipts, keep them for a certain period especially if you have warranty for it.